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Punk & DiSoRdEr


This Is Me...Deal With It
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This Is Me...Deal With It

You dont like me...fine....but just try to get to know me first

My name is Sophie, I'm 13 years old and living life to the fullest. Im just ur average teenager, though i may be just a little smaller than most. Im about 5'1" but its just fine..I have redish-auburn haur but i died the tips black. I have brown eyes and I am pretty tan for a red head. My school is interesting. There is a lot of drama there but its ok. A lot of people there are "gangsters" and theres always a fight going on. there are a couple of different groups there: the Punks, the Gangsters, the Geeks, and then there is my group..I sometimes hang with the punks but mostly my group, its kinda a mix of different people..we have some punks, and then there are just the regular ones...some of the guys play football of soccer and the others justhang around. My family or as i like to call it: Mi is very interesting and a lotof different personalities. My brother is 15 and hes like the good guy....he doesnt really get into trouble but he still has tons of fun..hes kinda a neat freak which is the exact opposite of brother and i are two completely different people..I get into trouble a little bit more than him..hahah...I am crazy and spontanious where he likes to schedule things out more. We like some of the same music but I am more into punk or ska and he just likes rock. My mom is a lot like me..we have the same taste in music and we are both crazy people and we dont really care what people think of us just as long as we like us. unlike my mom and i who are loud, my dad is quiet and likes a completely differet style of music but i have grwon to like it unlike my dad and I listen to jazz and blues, when he is in a really good mood he will let me change a station to grams, or grandma live in a small house in the back of ours. She is the artistic one...shes always painting and when she goes to Ierland in the summer she always comes back with more amazing ideas. My sister, well shes kinda my sis she was my auster sister but nwo she lives with her boyfriend and his family....she is a Jr. in highschool and he is senior but they are probibly two of the most resposible people that I know.

No Doubt Rox!!! I love No Dout it is the best band of all time!!!!!

A truck; Size=240 pixels wide

Favorite Quotes

Waynes World is a movie and Brian Regan is a really funny commedian here are some quotes:

Waynes world:
"Asphinkter says what"
"can i have the creamofsumyoungguy"
"Shes magically babe licious"
Brian Regan:
"I before E except after C and when sounding liek A in a neighboring way and on weekends and holidays and all threw out May and you'll always be wrong no matter what you say!"
"Great! Grand even!"

Heres a little something that i always say:
"Remember, even if the chances are 1 in 100 there is still the 1 left for hope."

Favorite Stuff

Here are some of my favorite things:

Favorite TV Show: One Tree Hill & th OC
Favorite Movie: Waynes World 1&2
Favorite Band: No Doubt
Favorite Book: Harry potter - You shoudl try to read it u may be surprised.
Favorite Sports Team: Lakers
Favorite Food: Pizza
People I Most Admire: Gwen Stefani, Julia Roberts, My best friend Adriana- because shes not afraid to be herself like me.