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Punk & DiSoRdEr
This Is Me...Deal With It
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PuNk & DiSoRdEr

This site is for speaking your mind....which is what i plan on doing for the rest of my life!!!

I have always been told to speak my not hold anything i feel inside. So that is what I am gonna do. I decided to make this site so i could show what i am all about. I will talk about my type of music and my opinions on different things. You may or may not like my site and maybe just not like me, i dont really care. You either like me or you dont, its all up to you.

Blues Guitar

Stereotypes Suck!!!

Stereotypes...don't ever let a person judge you by the way you look. I have had people judger me a lot before and it is really stupid. I dress my own style its a mix of punk and just weird.. hahah. I am mexican bt because of how i dress people think that I'm just making up that i am mexican but I'm not. And people say all blondes are dumb, but really they are not. one of my friends is blonde and she is really smart. Stereotypes just suck...never listen to them and most importantly...NEVER be one!!!

1/24/04 - Discovering new music....the best thing you can do. Gavin DeGraw you might know him from singingthe theme song of the WB's One Tree Hill...but he has plenty of other good songs.

Be open minded....E-mail me and tell me what you think of my site-